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                                    Barred Antshrike

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Barred Antshrike Male

Cumana Toco

Males are barred black and white all over with a short tail and yellow eyes. The top of the head is white with a black tipped crest. Females are chestnut brown on the upperparts while the sides of the head and neck are buff streaked with black with a chestnut crest. The underparts of the female are brown becoming lighter in color closest to the throat. The size is between 70 mm and 77mm with weight between 25 - 30 gms.

This resident of Trinidad and Tobago is generally found in light woodland and home gardens. They are rarely found inside mature humid forest except on the island of Tobago. This species prefers the low branches of trees and bushes and generally takes short flights. They are usually seen in pairs and tend to hide in the undergrowth. Both members care for the young.

Their diet consists of insects, small lizards and berries. Among the insects that are eaten are spiders, centipedes, milipedes, termites, cicadas, bettles, ants and wasps.

Family - Antbirds

Other Names - White-barred Bush-shrike

Latin Name - Thamnophilus doliatus

Range - Mexico, south through Central and South America

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Photograph by James Wood


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Barred Antshrike Female - Grafton Wildlife Sanctuary, Tobago


barred antshrike female.jpg (222518 bytes)

Barred Antshrike Female - Cumana, Toco



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