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Collared Plover


Upperparts and crown of head are sandy brown while the underparts are white. The forehead is white with a large black band at the rear. The hindcrown and nape are brown.   The bill is black and short. There is a narrow black breast band. The legs are pink. Both sexes are similar with a size of 14-15 cm and weight of 26-31 g. The immature are duller in color.

This bird is similar to the Semipalmated Plover but it is smaller, lighter colored with a thinner bill. It is also similar to the Wilson's Plover which has a thicker, heavier bill.

This resident of Trinidad and Tobago can be found on mudflats, beaches and savannahs. It is usually not seen in flocks and its diet consists of insects and small crustaceans. It is a very wary bird that tends to move as you approach but does not fly far away. It bobs its body as an alarm signal.

Family - Plovers

Other Names - South American Ringed Plover, Azara's Ringed Plover

Latin Name - Charadrius turillo

Range - Breeds in Central and South America, Trinidad, Grenada Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Martin.


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