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Collared Trogon

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Main Ridge Forest, Tobago

Photo courtesy Dr. Steve M.R. Young

Males have dark green upperparts and breast with a bronze tinge. The bill is yellow while the face and throat are black with red eyelids. They have a white breast band with scarlet or red lower underparts. The wings are black. The tail feathers are green from above with a black band at the bottom tip. The outer tail feathers and from below are evenly barred black and white with white tips. On Females the green areas are coloured coffee brown and there is a broken whitish eyering. The bill is dusky above and blue-gray from below. The breast band is narrower and the lower underparts are a paler red. The size of the adult is 10.5 inches (27 cm) and the weight is 60 grams.

This resident of the forests of Trinidad and Tobago feeds on fruits and insects. They sit quietly and upright from the lower branches to the canopy and will fly off to glean insects from the foliage. They are not wary birds and can be approached closely.

Family - Trogons

Other Names - Red-bellied Trogon

Latin Name - Trogon collaris

Range - From Mexico through Central and South America and on Trinidad and Tobago


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Photograph by Mr. James Wood


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