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                    Copper Rumped Hummingbird

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Upperparts are bronze green with the rump being a coppery bronze. The head and underparts are a bright green. The thighs are white. The tail is black. The bill is straight, long and dusky colored with the lower mandible pinkish. Both sexes are similar. Their size is approximately 3.5 inches (8.7 cm) and weigh just under 5 grams

A common resident of Tobago and Trinidad, this nectar feeder is found in gardens, savannahs, forest and cultivated areas feeding on a wide range of flowers, particularly heliconias, ixora, hibiscus, allamanda and flowers on large trees such as Immortelle. It is the hummingbird that is most likely to be seen around household gardens. It also preys on flying insects taken from the air and from the bark of trees. Among the insects that it eats are spiders, lice, beetles, flies, moths, butterflies and wasps.

It is a very territorial bird and aggressively defends its territory even against larger hummingbirds, seeking to protect its food source.

Family - hummingbird

Latin Name - Amazilia tobaci

Range - Venezuela, Grenada,Trinidad and Tobago

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Les Efforts, San Fernando



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Les Efforts, San Fernando


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Les Efforts, San Fernando


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