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Rufous Tailed Jacamar

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Photo courtesy Stuart Elsom

In appearance these birds resemble large hummingbirds. The upperparts are metallic green and there is also a metallic green band across the upper breast. The throat is white, the rest of the underparts and tail are reddish brown. The bill is black straight and long. The female is similar to the male except the throat is buff. Their size is 25 cm (10 inches) and weight 23 grams.

This resident of Trinidad and Tobago is often seen perched upright with the bill pointing upward on exposed branches in openings in the undergrowth. They are not particularly wary birds and will allow you to approach fairly closely. They are insect feeders, catching their prey in the air and returning to the perch to batter it to death. Their preferred habitat is forest edges and clearings.

Family - Jacamars

Latin Name- Galbula ruficauda

Range - Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas and Brazil


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Photo courtesy Stuart Elsom


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Grafton Wildlife Sanctuary, Tobago


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Grafton Wildlife Sanctuary, Tobago


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