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Lilac-tailed Parrotlet

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Photograph courtesy Richard Shirley

Green Head with yellow front. Black back with a yellow green band tipped blue across the wing coverts. The edge of wing pinkish-red; breast bluish-green becoming yellowish-green on abdomen; under wing-coverts blue with yellow and red markings near edge of wing; underside of flight feathers bluish-green. Lilac tail with a black band. Green underparts. Pink feet and bill yellowish gray. Both sexes are alike. Immature are similar to the adults but yellow to cheeks less extensive; blue tips to greater wing-coverts darker. Their length is approximately 14 cm (5.5ins).

Usually found in flocks, this bird is resident in Trinidad. They are particularly noisy when flying to roost and at roost. They are a forest bird but can be seen near the sea shore in areas where the forest edge comes close to the shore.

The literature indicates that their diet consists of flowers, nectar, fruits, buds, berries and seeds and that they nest in large termite nests. I have however observed them in activity at termite nests that appeared to be feeding, they may however have been excavating in preparation for nesting. 

Family - Parrots

Other Names - Seven Coloured Parrotlet, Seven Coloured Parrakeet

Latin Name - Touit batavica

Range - Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana north to Merida, Venezuela.


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Photo courtesy Jim and Nancy Dewitt


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Cumana, Toco


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