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Pale Vented Pigeon

The crown is gray along with the underparts, lower back and tail. The neck and upperparts are a dull purple. The upper throat area is white. The eyes and legs are red, while the bill is gray to black. Both sexes are similar with their size being approximately 12 inches (32 cm) and weight 230 grams.

It is resident in both Tobago and Trinidad usually seen singly or in pairs in mangrove swamps and hill forests. It is a wary bird that feeds on seeds and small fruits and usually rests on the higher branches. Pale-vented Pigeons nest in moriche palms, in tangled thickets in and around marshy places, and in the scrub trees scattered over the savannahs.   Their call is a resonant Wooo co-co-co cooo, repeated over and over.

Family - Pigeons

Other Names - Blue Pigeon, Rufous Pigeon, Ramier

Range - Mexico through to northern South America


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