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Ring-Billed Gull

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Photograph by Stuart Elsom

The adult has a light gray back and wings, with the wings tipped black with white spots. The rest of the body is white. The legs are yellowish green and the bill is yellow with a black ring near the tip. The size is 19 inches (43 cm) and weight is 400-590 grams.

The Herring Gull is similar to the Ring-billed Gull but larger.

This gull is an omnivore, diving or dipping for fish and also eating refuse that it finds along the beach or at garbage dumps. It is a winter visitor to Trinidad and Tobago and can sometimes be seen in the company of other gulls, particularly Laughing Gulls.

Family - Gulls

Latin Name - Larus delawarensis

Range - Breeds in southern Canada, around the Great Lakes and in the northern Great Plains and interior northwestern North America. Winters along the temperate coasts of North America, the Mississippi River valley, Central America and the Greater Antilles.

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Photograph courtesy of Dan Voydanoff



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Photograph by Peter Price


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