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Striated Heron

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Diamond Vale, Diego Martin

The crown of the head is black while the sides of the head, neck and underparts are gray. The back and wings are a greenish slate. The gray bill is long, the eye patch is yellow as are the legs. The size varies between 41-46 cm (16-18 in) and weight is between 240 g (8.47 ounces).

This common resident of Trinidad is found wherever there is water and can sometimes even be seen on open fields that have been covered with water after heavy rainfall. Their diet consists of fish, frogs, insects and lizards. It is a solitary bird and stalks its prey, sometimes crouching on the bank or on overhanging objects to spot the prey.

When disturbed it sometimes crouches in a frozen position. It's nest is made of sticks and the eggs are bluish in colour. This species is almost identical to the Green Heron.

Family - Herons

Local Names - Chuck, Gaulin

Latin Name - Butorides striatus

Range - Southern Canada south to South America. Also found in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

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Striated Heron Nest with Eggs

Diamond Vale, Diego Martin


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