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Yellow-Hooded Blackbird

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Yellow Hooded Blackbird - Male

Trincity Sewerage Treatment Ponds

Black all over with a bright yellow head, throat and upper breast.The bill is black. The coloration on the female is somewaht different (see Yellow Hooded Blackbird Female page). The size is between 21-26 cm (8-10 in) and weight of 44-100 g (1.55-3.53 ounces).

This bird is resident in Trinidad and widely distributed. They tend to roost in noisy large flocks and can be seen among the water hyacinths, on mangrove trees and amidst tall grasses.

It feeds on aquatic insects, grain, and weed seeds. Large flocks glean weed seeds and waste grain from fields, moving in a characteristic rolling or leap-frog motion where birds in the back of the flock fly up and land at the front of the flock. They can sometimes be seen feeding in the company of grackles.

Family - Orioles

Local Names - Yellow Headed Marsh Blackbird

Range - Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas, Brazil and Peru


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Yellow Hooded Blackbird - Female

Trincity Sewerage Treatment Ponds

The head, throat and upper breast are yellow. The upper parts are black tinged with brown giving a streaked appearance. The underparts are brown with tinges of yellow. The size is between 21-26 cm (8-10 in) and weight of 44-100 g (1.55-3.53 ounces).

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