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Goodwood Park, Photo by Terry Diedrich

Yellow Oriole

Yellow over most of the body. The throat, upperbreast and tail are black. The wings are black edged with white. Males and females are alike.The immature are a dull yellow with brownish black wings and tail. A particular sub-species, the "trinitatis", which is found in Trinidad, the island of Patos and the Paria penninsula of Venezuela has the least white on the wings. Their size is  approximately eight inches and weight is 38 grams.

A common resident of Trinidad found around gardens, savannahs, mangrove swamps and areas with scattered trees. It feeds on insects, berries and fruit, particularly ripe mangoes. It is reputed to be a solitary bird although I have often seen groups of up to four. This species builds pendent nests similiar to the crested oropendola and yellow-rumped cacique but at lower levels on the tree.



Family - Orioles

Local Names - Small Cornbird, Golden Oriole

Latin Name - Icterus nigrogularis

Range - Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas, and northern Brazil


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Asa Wright Nature Center -  Photo courtesy Stuart Elsom


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Mount St. Benedict - Photo courtesy Dr. Steve M.R. Young


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