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This bird identification guide is packed with features that will benefit both the casual bird watcher and the dedicated ornithologist. The information will also be of benefit to tourists, students, teachers and any one with an interest in the amazing bird life of Trinidad and Tobago. As many of these birds are of South American families this CD will also benefit anyone visiting any of the neighboring South American countries.

The purpose of this birding guide is to enable observers to identify the birds of these two islands, but it also provides detailed species accounts and will serve as an important reference volume. Various Identification tips are provided for different birds and special attention is given to comparisons of similar species, along with comments on behavior, status and habitat.

The many features of this bird identification guide include:

Information on 332 tropical birds accompanied by over 820 colour photographs
Bird information by Family Type with links to photographs and information on each specific bird
Bird information by Habitat Type with links to photographs and information on each specific bird
A Checklist of all known bird species in Trinidad and Tobago
Identification of similar birds and links to those birds allowing easy comparison
Identification of those species that are resident and those that are visitors
Information on different Birding Hotspots
Special Section with Articles on Hummingbirds, Birds of Prey, Parrots, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Bird, Flight, Bird Migration, Avian Defenses,  Birdwatching Advice, Attracting Birds to Gardens, Birding Hotspots
Maps of Trinidad and Tobago
Easy navigation through the CD using any common web browser, without any special installation
A Search Feature that allows you to simply select the color, size, habitat, location or any other aspect of the bird and the CD will show everything that matches search term

As an added bonus, you also get

Photographs and information on various tropical animals
Photographs and information on various tropical plants
Photographs and information on places in Trinidad and Tobago

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CD Comments

All I can say is WOW!!!  Just got the CD today and just started looking at it.  Superb, fantastic job.  If this CD were concerning all of the birds of South America, I would have thought I died and went to heaven!  Just flipping through the CD for ten seconds has me truly awed. 

Karl Mayer

October 2006

You have done a great job and provided an outstanding service. Having been to T&T several years ago I will enjoy roaming through the CD.

John Zimmerman

October 2006

What a tour de force you have produced....I'm sure it will be very well received and of great use to people. It should have earned you at least a PHD!  

Beth Kingsley Hawkins,

October 2006

You obviously put a ton of work into this project, and it shows… nice job! I enjoyed going through all the photos and remembering some of the great birds I saw down there… and I thought some of your other sections on locations, flora, fauna, etc, were a good addition.

Giff Beaton

October 2006


December 2006

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January 2007

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