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NEWSDAY SECTION C   Sunday December 10, 2006    Page 3


Nature for Christmas


DISCOVERING the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago, a CD ROM by Brian Ramsey, is the gift to give this Christmas to all who really care for this beautiful country, and especially those who'd like to know more about our birds - and plants, and animals.

The CD features no less that 322 birds that live, or visit our shores plus information on each bird with references to, among others, Richard French, the acknowledged authority and author of the Guide to the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago.

The beginning birdwatcher can learn how to identify a particular bird and compare it with another that looks like it, but isn't (if you follow me?). It will also help you identify a bird by using a search feature that (I quote from the back cover of the CD) "allows you to select the colour, size, habitat, location or any other aspect of the bird and find everything on the CD that matches the search term."

The CD also gives tips on the best places to watch which birds, and information on our plants and animals as well.

It's almost, in fact for the majority, a truism to say that when it comes to caring for the environment adults are a lost cause. They are set in their ways, most don't want to listen, learn or change their behaviour.

To protect our environment we have to start with the children - who take to computers like ducks to water. What better way to teach your children to care for this beautiful country, for our birds, plants animals than by giving them this CD of gorgeous photographs, texts and a wealth of information about their native land? It's an investment in our - and their - future.

Brian Ramsey's CD Discovering the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago is available from bookstores and gift shops nationwide.


Press Releases

14th December 2006  -- Donation to Heritage Library
3rd March 2007         -- National Library acquires CD






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