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White Frangipani - Les Efforts, San Fernando

There are many species and varieties of Frangipani, the more common ones being white, yellow and shades of red. The white version is native to the West Indies and the red variety originated in Central America. This small tree, up to 15 ft. tall, sheds its leaves during the dry season, but tends to flower continuously. Its sweet fragrance, especially in the evenings, has made it a popular garden tree. Because of the sweet scent, it is planted extensively in Temple gardens.

The white sap in its branches and leaves is poisonous, but protects the tree from harmful insects. There is one species of caterpillar which is able to withstand the toxins, and actually becomes toxic itself, which protects it from predators. Once the caterpillar has devoured lots of leaves, it changes into a pupae, and eventually becomes a silver-gray hawk moth.


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Red Frangipani - Les Efforts, San Fernando

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